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Building a successful US subsidiary is a difficult thing to do.  It takes a special set of skills, tools, people and a vision to pull it all together.  If you get it right, US market sales can potentially grow far beyond home office revenues.  However if something goes wrong, the US offices/subsidiaries will face constant struggle and underperformance or simply shut their doors after a few years.

The reasons behind this struggle are complex and unique to each company.  And the breakthrough solutions are equally tricky and unique to the situation.

We specialize in creating and executing breakthrough solutions to these unique challenges faced by US offices and subsidiaries.

Zachary Person

Founder | Borderless Business Solutions

Zach has spent his professional career unlocking the revenue potential of global teams. His process involves integrating systems, software and people – driven by clarity of vision and relentless implementation.

He knows how to bridge cultural and technical barriers and empower cross-functional teams to achieve the impossible through a “Let’s Think This Through” approach.

Keys to U.S. Market Growth

Right Marketing

Hiring Right Staff

Right Culture + Communications

Right Training + Tools

Monitor + Manage Growth

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We Help Overcome the Top Challenges Faced by

U.S. Subsidiaries

Typically, the core problems fall into a few categories:

1.) Marketing strategy and materials are not getting the results you are looking for. 

There are a number of reasons this could be the case.  Quite often, this happens when marketing materials (websites, brochures, etc.) that have worked well in the home market and are simply translated into English and used in the US market. We have seen significant improvements in converting prospects to customers when these materials are localized to target the ideal US customer. We have developed a fun and effective process to guide this marketing material localization process.  See more about our process HERE.

2.) Difficulty Hiring and Keeping Top Talent.

All too often, foreign companies struggle to stand out in the competitive US job market, especially if they are not a well-known brand.  There are a lot of good managers and recruiting companies out there who can help find potential good fits.  However, often the top talent ends up leaving the company.  The top reason are the following:

The individual was not quite the right fit for the corporate culture and nature of the position.

• The US office culture has become unstable – more so than the industry norm.  And because of the multi-cultural and linguistic challenges inherent in all global companies, this instability is a kind that most Americans have not experienced before and therefore do not have the coping mechanisms to compensate.  This often leads to the decision to leave the company.

A lack of support for US office in the form of training or selling tools.  It could also be a lack of internal talent with the experience and skills to help the US team understand and manage the unique challenges of a multinational organization.


In our experience, these core issues can not be solved by an outside service provider via a few virtual meetings.  It takes someone with the right cultural, linguistic, managerial and leadership experience to physically spend time listening and understanding the complexity of the situation to figure out what’s really going on.  Only then can breakthrough solutions be discovered and implemented.

We specialize in finding and implementing solutions to challenges like this. 

Keys To Building A Profitable, Well-Functioning North American Office 

Solutions often involve:

• It all begins with identifying how the target customer thinks, speaks and relates to the problem that your product or service solves.  We then create a hyper localized sales and marketing message that captures the uniquely effective features and benefits that has made the product or service successful in the home market. Once this unique message has been crafted, we then identify the marketing channels, platforms and distributor networks where the target customer goes to find – and buy – the products you offer.     

• Making sure everyone on the US team has the right skills, tools and guidance to do their job.  If there are gaps, we create a training and coaching plans to get them what they need to succeed.

• Identify and assess any communication breakdown between the US team and the home office.  A lot of times, people on both sides know there are significant problems but don’t quite know what to do about them – so the issues persist and get progressively worse. It often takes an outside perspective to connect the dots and facilitate the right win-win solution for everyone involved.     

Carefully identifying these challenges and creating and executing plans to get the whole company past these challenges and back on track to growing the business – This is what we do.

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Zach Person