Case Studies.

Building a successful US office or subsidiary takes a unique combination of software, hardware, wetware (people) and the right management to bring it all together”

— Zach Person

US Case Study 3

Doubled U.S. Sales & Recruited Top Talent for the U.S. Office. 

RESULT: US subsidiary turnaround from struggling to doubling sales in under a year. By year two, sales increases required production expansion.

The company:
An Australian-based weld-cleaning technology manufacturer that markets to a wide array of industries working on stainless steel and other metals.

Step One
Hire good people and create an environment of fun, teamwork and shared success.

This involved recruiting outside sales reps from the industry, an inside sales rep and a finance manager.  All were chosen for their emotional maturity, willingness to learn and proven ability to work as a team and grow the business.

Result: A strong, cohesive team that generated sales results. 

Step Two
Create and execute a multi-channel marketing campaign resulting in higher distributor and end-user engagement and in double-digit sales growth:

  • Website content development –  video production, case studies and customer interactive programming.  
  • Financing options for product purchasing.
  • Distributor training campaign showing how much money distributor reps can make selling the product – because distributor reps sell the products they know and make them money.  
  • Quarterly promotions for distributors and end users.
  • Recruit industry influencers to use the product on their YouTube channels.
  • Trade Show event marketing, execution and follow-up.
  • Coordinate all elements with the marketing team in Sydney, Australia.


  • Generated higher quality leads by actively targeting more qualified customers 
  • The product and company story was published in six industry publications
  • CEO and leadership were invited to participate in a well-known industry podcast  
  • Outperformed much larger competitors, elevating the company and brand 

Step Three
Expansion into new, untapped markets. The elevated brand awareness attracted the interest of a large private label opportunity, expanding the US office’s revenue base.  


  • Private Label Brand.
  • Created targeted marketing content and outreach campaigns to break into:
    • Automotive industry
    • Highly regulated manufacturers and metal fabricators.

Long-term strategies cannot be built during the honeymoon phase…we need to know each other – warts and all – before any kind of realistic plan can happen.

— Zach Person

Case Study 1

A $10M global company in need of systems, technology, personnel and leadership upgrades.

RESULT: Increased sales by 47% while slashing operational costs by 50%.

Expand Product Distribution

Sourced and vetted new distributors in China and South East Asia; eliminated non-performers.

International Product Launch

Prepared the launch of 3 new products into 30+ countries including creating new marketing collateral & case studies.

Succession Planning, Knowledge Transfer and Process Improvement

Brought in as acting Director of International Sales and Program Manager after retirement of the long-time Director of International Sales.

Downloaded and codified more than a decade of institutional knowledge, market strategies, distributor histories and internal company processes.

After the operational baseline was established, a process to modernize, streamline and automate day-to-day international sales operations was executed.

Process mapped and upgraded global sales and export documentation processes; authored SOPs.

Leveraged existing technology to build ERP, CRM and order management systems.

Cleaned up data, set up ERP reporting process, and hired/trained system administrator.

Entering a market without the right localized message is like stepping into the snow with only flip-flops on.”

— Zach Person

Case Study 2

A $1 Million start-up that needed CE certification and struggled to launch new product.

Like a team-building enzyme, I broke the global team loose from a particularly rough stormy phase and converted this energy into a rapidly performing phase.

RESULT: Achieved CE certification, launched product in US, Canada, Turkey & Germany, and brought together a now functional, effective and profitable team.                                

CE and FDA Compliance Success

  • Quickly put CE and FDA compliance processes back on track.
  • Implemented and managed ERP/CRM systems and related sales pipelines.
  • The newly implemented ERP system played a critical role in the new regulatory compliance processes

Sales and Marketing Production and Management

  • Led production of 3D product video and other crucial sales tools.
  • Oversaw clinical affairs engagement and event marketing management.  This involved hiring and managing a marketing, trade show, and events planner who played a critical role in the creation of trade shows, an international symposium, and strategic media buys that laid the foundation for a successful product global launch.

CE and FDA Compliance Success

  • Quickly put CE and FDA compliance processes back on track.
  • Implemented and managed ERP/CRM systems and related sales pipelines.
  • The newly implemented ERP system played a critical role in the new regulatory compliance processes.