Borderless Business Solutions is a consultive service that advises small and midsized businesses on strategic growth, mergers, acquisitions, and exit strategies.

Zach Person

Full Spectrum Business Development & Solution Enzyme

“I’m not a genius … but I can pull the genius out of people.”

— Zach Person

The key to business isn’t being smarter or wealthier, it’s being able to connect to people and relate to them.

Marcus Lemonis

CNBC - The Profit

I’m Zach Person, founder of Borderless Business Solutions.

I’ve spent my professional career unlocking the revenue potential of global teams.

My process involves integrating systems, software and people driven by clarity of vision and relentless implementation.      

I founded Borderless Business Solutions with the mission of helping regional and global businesses grow and expand. A solid decision-making model is at the core of the mix, combined with a knack for integrating software, systems and the people who power real growth in today’s diverse, modern companies.  The results have been turning stagnation into acceleration and change into opportunity.

I’ve launched products into 30+ countries, built companies from conception to commercialization, reorganized entire international sales & marketing departments and become a trusted advisor to many executive teams.  My career spans the private and public sector including consulting and entrepreneurship. I’ve held a number of leadership roles, ranging from Director of Global Business Operations to Director of International Sales to Senior Program Manager.

The holistic view, unique perspective and sense of humor I bring to each engagement makes the process enjoyable and effective.

I live in Chicago, Illinois and enjoy giving back to the community by mentoring young professionals and donating time to startup companies and small businesses.

Contact me to discuss your business situation.


Paul M. Heinze Company

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